Great Pyrenees Behavior & Temperament

It’s likely that as someone interested in Great Pyrenees, you already have some information about their behavior. You may have spent some time with a Great Pyrenees in the real world, or maybe you have just read information about the breed and their behavior across the vast expanse of internet available for the dog enthusiast. If you’re not, we would like to introduce you and continue to further educate everyone about the behavior and characteristic of a Great Pyrenees as this is quite important before getting a new puppy.

The topic of Great Pyrenees behavior encompasses their temperament, their stereotypical traits, along with their most common behavior pitfalls. You will find information on all of these topics on this page, and in greater detail on the pages found below.

A quick overview of Great Pyrenees behavior has to start with intelligence. These dogs are smart. Bred as shepherds, Great Pyrenees are capable of spending a day with a herd of sheep without any people around. The dogs will take the herd to good grazing grounds, protect them from predators, and return them to the farm before night falls. All without the instruction of their human master. This breeding history explains their intelligence, and it also explains their independence. Great Pyrenees behavior is a landscape dominated by these two titans of personality.

Other common Great Pyrenees traits help to create the great love that the breed finds across the United States and the rest of the world. Namely, they are very loyal. Again, this behavior is rooted in the breed’s history as shepherds. The dogs were selected to be loyal to the farmers and their flocks, and we see that selection at work centuries later. Great Pyrenees protect and follow all family members properly introduced to the dogs. The nice part of this trait is that it is generally absent of a negative flipside. ‘Loyalty,’ is not a code word for ‘mean to strangers.’ While Great Pyrenees adore their owners and have a protective streak in them, that protection is always limited to barking and never extends to violence or true harshness. Generally these large behemoths are very friendly once they get close enough to sniff out a stranger.

Hopefully this has given you a good picture of how Great Pyrenees behave. For more information about general or specific behavior traits, please continue to the pages below:

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