Dog Obedience Training

Great Pyrenees training is difficult. The Great Pyrenees is notoriously independent and hard to train. They are intelligent and surely have the capacity to be trained. Indeed, successful dog training can be seen on the dog shows annually on TV or more frequently if you follow such circuits live in person. However, it takes a good understanding of what purpose the breed evolved for and what best methods to use in order to successfully train a Great Pyrenees. Here are the fundamentals that you must know.

Remember during your Great Pyrenees training that your dog is not a person. Most people have a natural tendency to treat animals as they treat other humans. Especially the multitude of us living urban and suburban lives who have limited interaction with non-human species tend towards this behavior model. However, Great Pyrenees training follows different social rules than we are used to, and the dog’s perceptions are the ones that matter most.

The Great Pyrenees was bred as a livestock guardian. They are incredibly loyal and unwavering members of their pack. Their pack, for thousands of years now, has not been a family based one like wolves have. On the contrary, Great Pyrenees consider their human masters and the livestock they protect as all within their pack. It is important for the human owner to take on the role of leader of that pack, and while you can be sweet and loving and caring during the dog training sessions, you must also enter the relationship with the assumption of authority.

Like in most pursuits, it is important to have well-oriented expectations. During Great Pyrenees training, even the most successful trainer will never have a Pyr that acts like a Labrador Retriever. Great Pyrenees training can end with the dogs obeying basic commands, at least the majority of the time.

For some more expert advice and information, here are some books to give you specific steps towards successful Great Pyrenees obedience training.

Secrets to Dog Training
From Kingdom of Pets, this is not Pyrenees specific book, but a good resource for dog training in general. If you are interested in looking beyond the scope of the Great Pyrenees training, this is worth a look.

The New Complete Great Pyrenees
By Paul D. Strang. This book, is a complete guide and resource for those looking to reach the expectations outlined above. Believe in your dog, be consistent, and start with a little hard work and you may end up with a Great Pyrenees training program that is the envy of the dog park.

Or you can do the basic dog training here:

Basic Great Pyrenees Tricks, Command & Training
The basic commands and dog training that you can do it yourself on you Great Pyrenees even the dog is not easy to train for sit, stay or fetch.