Great Pyrenees Puppies

Great Pyrenees puppies are adorable, as are most puppies. Some young dogs will stay small and adorable for their entire lives, but this specific breed of puppy will very quickly mature into a large and regal looking dog. They can start around 10 pounds or so, and get to more than 100 pounds in their first year of life. Great Pyrenees generally do not fully mature until about 2 years old, by which time they can reach up to about 140 pounds. If you are looking into purchasing or already have a Great Pyrenees puppy, you clearly like the idea of a large dog in your home, as you very well should. Despite your expectations I guarantee you will be amazed at the phenomenon of growth you will witness in your Pyr puppy.

So you love Great Pyrenees and want to find a puppy of your own, so where to look?

There are many websites that will help you find the Great Pyrenees puppy that is perfect for you and your family. Quality Dogs – Great Pyr, for instance, has listings from around the entire United States. These breeders are accredited with the American Kennel Club (AKC), so you know you are dealing with caring and knowledgeable professionals

Another national website with many listings from professional Great Pyrenees breeders is NextDayPets. This website also features top of line puppies that, like Quality Dogs above, will fetch a pretty penny.

Great Pyrenees puppies are fairly expensive in general, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. This is due to their relative rarity compared to more popular breeds like Golden retrievers or Terriers. The Great Pyrenees is also primarily a pure-bred dog, and the community of breeders and owners place a large value on their pedigrees.

You have a Great pyrenees puppy! It’s so cute! Now what?

It is important to establish a positive and well-balanced relationship with your puppy early on in your ownership. Great Pyrenees are notoriously hard to train, especially in a “come-when-called” sort of way. They do have an incredible sense of loyalty hard wired into them, so if you can tap into that and establish a proper owner and pet relationship, then some measure of obedience will follow.

Get the right gear. You will need a cage early on, and make sure to get a big one. Your dog may be small now, but as we discussed at the top of this page, your Great Pyrenees puppy will not stay that size for long. You can find the Great Pyrenees Care below for information about food, exercise, and other ways of caring for your new and beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy.

Great Pyrenees Care