Great Pyrenees Behavior

Great Pyrenees behavior can span a large range, from the cute and endearing to the frustrating. They are very independent and intelligent dogs, and these traits can lead to stubbornness. This is the part in looking at Great Pyrenees behavior that stubbornness enters the picture. However, they are also unfailingly loyal dogs, and this trait can lead to the most lovable behavior you can find. This aspect of the Great Pyrenees is why people who love big dogs do, in fact, love big dogs.

The lovability is more practically dished out as playing and petting. When observing Great Pyrenees behavior, the observer is going to quickly see most specimens of the breed asking for petting by sitting close to their owner and raising a paw. They use their paw to sort of imitate what a petting motion looks like. A funny part of this, in my Great Pyrenees at least, is that she prefers to sit about 18 inches away, so that I have to stretch to pet her. This is an instructive story in Great Pyrenees behavior. They know what they want, they do things that make their desires clear, but in no way do they make it convenient for their humans to oblige. With a Great Pyrenees, it’s always a little bit more out of the way.

Many of you are of course curious as to how malleable Great Pyrenees behaviors are. As we know from other animals (humans and dogs included), some behaviors are laws carved in stone while others are merely suggestions pinned to the refrigerator. There is an entire field of training Great Pyrenees behavior that one could immerse themselves in if they were so inclined. In the limited space here, I will say that you will never erase fundamental aspects of the breed’s personality. You will not transform a Great Pyrenees into a mindless zombie. With proper training you can alter your Great Pyrenees behavior so that they do reach a high level of obedience and to minimize the annoyances of a poorly trained dog who doesn’t react to his master.

The cause of these Great Pyrenees behaviors described above can all be traced through the breed’s evolution and selection over the years.