Great Pyrenees Rescue

rescue a Great PyreneesPurchasing Great Pyrenees puppies from a breeder is the most common way to come into ownership of the fine breed. However, it is fairly expensive, costing hundreds if a not over a thousand dollars per dog. Adopting a Great Pyrenees rescue dog is an excellent option for those looking to save some money and to do some good for the world. As everyone knows, there a lot of dogs of every breed in every city in America that have been mistreated or lost and end up in pounds and rescue shelters. Given this fact, it seems to many like rescuing a dog is a more imperative.

When dealing with Great Pyrenees rescue dogs, rescuers do not distinguish dogs based on purity or heritage or any such characteristics that breeders will pay great attention to. The rescuers are simply trying to save dogs.

Those who buy Great Pyrenees from breeders instead of rescuing dogs do so for a variety of reasons. Many like the idea of getting a puppy and raising it as their own. This way the Great Pyrenees rescue may feel more like a member of the family. While this sentiment is logical, if you speak to anyone who got a rescue dog or simply an older dog, you will very rarely find someone disconnected from their dog.
The Great Pyrenees breed has a long tradition of pure-bredding and showmanship, and a good and clean pedigree is another thing that brings people towards breeders and away from Great Pyrenees rescue. This is a matter of priorities, but usually once a dog is yours, its family history and heritage is not what creates meaning, but the raltionship to a dog you care for. What better way to demonstrate care for a dog than saving it from a cell and possible death?

Some people may fear that getting a Great Pyrenees rescue dog means getting a dog with pschological damage or a mean temperament. In certain cases, if the dog was beaten or badly neglected, these fears may be well-founded. However, all rescue agencies will know about these traits and in your selection you will be able to choose how much to take on. Dogs are left for all sorts of reasons, and only some of them produce negative traits. While it can be a larger repsonsiblity, adopting a Great Pyrenees rescue is also a larger good.